WHO decided to plant cherry blossom trees in the once marshlands of Washington, DC?

WHO as author was identified with initials lest boys would not buy a woman’s book about a boy wizard named Harry?

WHO lost her rightful inheritance when declared to be a Salem witch?

WHO had her DNA x-ray photograph stolen by three male lab mates who, sans her, shared the Nobel for their DNA helix?

WHO won two 1964 Olympic gold medals in swimming, but could not obtain a US college athletic scholarship as none existed-for women?

WHO wrote an amendment to criminalize denying women their constitutional right to vote, not an amendment granting women the right to vote?

WHO begged her mother in 17th century Mexico to portray her as a boy so she could attend school to study and learn which girls were not allowed to do?

WHO had better mathematical skills than her classmate, colleague, and relatively famous scientist-husband who won a Nobel without her?

WHO discovered temperatures for packaging, shipping and preserving foods from contamination and designed the egg carton?

WHO charted the skies and calculated star distances that enabled Edwin Hubble and others to make galaxy discoveries?

WHO accompanied 9 teenagers to school blocked by the National Guard and desegregated Little Rock Central High in 1957?

WHO printed 52,000 flyers the night Rosa Parks was arrested to start the Montgomery bus boycott which desegregated buses all across America and ignited the civil rights movement?

WHO was jailed and beaten for trying to register to vote in Mississippi, barred from the 1964 Democratic National Convention, and desegregated the 1968 DNC?

WHO worked as the virtual “man on the job” of the Brooklyn Bridge construction project, sans title of  chief engineer?

WHO rode naked through her town to reduce obtrusive taxes on the poor assessed by her husband?

WHO developed occupational safety and health standards for others while she worked under gender-abusive standards?

WHO suffered demands to resign as the first female Cabinet member, but was the chief architect of the Social Security Act?

WHO tested World War II army aircraft for male pilot safety despite being denied military recognition, pay, uniforms, honors, and burials when they died in action?

WHO qualified as America’s first astronauts but could not enter the space program as no women were accepted?

WHO patented the frequency hopping technology of wireless communications as in cell phones but in the 1940s folks were interested in her beauty not her brains?


All the above and more is in my book:  A Thesaurus of Women From Cherry Blossoms to Cell Phones 🙂


All the following and, still even more, is in my book: A Thesaurus of Women From Water to Music 😊

WHO had her plan to dam the Colorado River creating a reservoir in the Grand Canyon rejected by the US government five years before a man’s plan for the Hoover Dam was accepted?

WHO founded America’s first black-owned woman’s bank?

WHO unabashedly reported America’s black news items as a 1950s’ journalist?

WHOSE 1909 proposed a nationwide interracial organization be formed to address the unjust treatment of Negroes that led to formation of the NAACP?

WHO founded the first printing business in the Colonies (1638, Cambridge, Massachusetts)?

WHO published America’s first African American newspaper, despite criticism from black men?

WHO designed and patented the first working washing machine invention?

WHO designed and patented the dishwasher that later became a Kitchen Aid?

WHO invented the circular saw in the early 1800s?

WHO developed the Superman strong but lightweight fiber Kevlar?

WHO produced the dough batter that created the first chocolate chip cookie?

Who created the first margarita cocktail?

WHO established and celebrated the first Mother’s Day on May 10, 1908?

WHO landed on the beaches at Normandy during World War II allied invasion?

WHO identified how the XX/XY chromosomes determine gender?

WHO programmed the first empty computer and created software?

WHO rode horseback twice as far as Paul Revere to warn the British were coming?

WHO identified the heat thermodynamics that occur in the eye of a hurricane?

WHO led the data-collecting mission that developed the first weather satellite?

WHO was the only woman awarded the US Congressional Medal of Honor?

WHO published her songs under the name of her famous brother Felix?

WHO composed a symphony, the first by a black woman performed by a major symphony orchestra?

WHO led the Cherokee Nation as its first female deputy chief?

WHO wrote the book on which the 1968 TV series The Flying Nun was based?

WHO wrote the play that turned into the iconic 1975 Broadway musical, Chicago?

WHO wrote the book turned into the iconic 1964 Mary Poppins Disney movie?

WHO wrote a high school play that became the iconic 1965 Sound of Music movie?


These stories and more contained in this my second book: A Thesaurus of Women From Water to Music 😊

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