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BarbWIthShelf (1) All my monthly “CountHerhistory”columns can be read free at your convenience on the aauw-il website.
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Choose from 8 Power Point Presentations that reveal the mysteries of HerHistories designed for schools, businesses, for you. These presentations enlighten, inspire, and empower. They unmask buried treasures of women’s history/your history. More information can be found at the National Women’s History Project click on Performers/Speakers “National,” scroll down to Z.


  • Lost in Translation: Unveils gender-biased rhetoric in biblical literature and gender-neutral rhetoric in the Gnostic gospels, as it respects all religions.
  • Sex & Suffrage: Exposes a scrupulous look at gender imbedded in passage of the 19th Amendment noting women’s right to vote was denied not won.
  • Civil Rights Women: Reveres the women whose activism pre-1960’s paved the way for lunch counter sit-ins, bus boycotts, NAACP, Brown v Board of Ed, etc.: civil rights’ activism then championed by men.
  • Gender in the Court: Scrolls down a litany of how law and gender intertwined in disparity in America’s legislature from 1655 Virginia and early U.S. Supreme Court decisions to Lilly Ledbetter 2007, cross-examining Justices and gender.
  • A Hull of a House of Women and Peace: Celebrates HH women’s social reforms of the early 1900’s that govern still today i.e. OSHA, Social Security, FDA, etc. and America’s female Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Jane Addams.
  • International Women’s Day: Details a graphic mid-1800s global events timeline of women, wars, suffrage, marches, and the NYC Shirtwaist Factory Fire that led to IWD. Why? Because nowhere in the world, then as now, can women claim to have the same rights and opportunities as men-NoWhere.
  • She Didn’t? Oh Yes She Did!: I.D.’s women from Barbara’s first book and women to be in her second. Introduced without hesitation or apology are bold, brave, often foolhardy, women who have been there and done that which you know, by women your may not know, until NOW.

New Listing

  • Lady MBAs: Applauds trailblazing Masters of Business Administration women born into poverty, who became millionaires, philanthropists, game changers who networked in a male business labyrinth, defining not only what, where, why and how, women go, do, dress and work, but who women are!


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