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Version 2 I want to tell you a little about myself and invite you into the
wonderful world of women’s history which truly is your history. Why do I write women’s history?

Well, in 2003, as a seasoned adult, after decades of attending college on a part-time basis, I earned my master’s degree in women’s studies/law. That same year educational cuts were rampant and teaching positions weren’t. Thus, I began writing a little (500 words) newsletter column on women’s history and I developed power point presentations for colleges, women’s groups, libraries, businesses, organizations, basically anyone who would hire me and listen. In 2004 I established myself as a business of one, to work for the improvement of the status of women, with absolutely no idea of how I would do this, but knew I would.

My column soon went online and no longer had a word count limitation. Teaching women’s history via my column with a global outreach, without a classroom student count limitation, really grabbed me. It became my calling. Not that the whole wide world was reading my column, but that women everywhere in the whole wide world could read my column, her history. During  the years, of so many columns, so many women, so many accomplishments, it appeared I needed a book, both as a reference in hand for internet savvy women and as text for women not interested or inclined to use the internet. So now, nine years post graduation, in 2012 I published my first book to help empower women everywhere to be empowered by her history. I hope you will be one of my women. Welcome! bjz


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